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DyLight® Dyes

Columbia Biosciences offers products labeled with DyLight® 488, 550 and 650. Additional color DyLight® Dye conjugates can be custom ordered. Sample technical data sheets can be downloaded for each product by clicking on the appropriate link under the product's 'Detailed Description' tab.
DyLight® Fluors have absorption maxima ranging from 350nm to 777nm, covering the entire visible light spectrum and several key near-infared and infrared wavelengths. Both the absorption and emission properties of the DyLight® Fluors match the output (excitation) and detection wavelengths of common fluorescence instrumentation. The figures below details the specral properties of the DyLight® Fluorescent Dyes.
Columbia Biosciences recently introduced DyLight® Fluors conjugated to Streptavidin and Anti-epitope tag antibodies to be used for High Throughput Screening and Fluorescent Microscopy.
DyLight® 488
DyLight® 550
DyLight® 650
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