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Flow Cytometry
​Columbia Biosciences provides customers with a selection of tools that can be used for flow cytometric detection of cellular targets. Flow cytometry allows cell surface and intracellular molecules to be analyzed in qualitative or quantitative fashion, with several different parameters being measured simultaneously. Secondary antibody conjugates labeled with RPE, APC, and now the DyLight series of fluorophores, can be used to detect unlabeled primary antibodies that have bound to their cellular target molecule. Direct conjugates to a variety of anti-epitope tag antibodies allow researchers to detect and measure expression of recombinant proteins on or in the cell without having to use a multi-step secondary staining procedure. If an amplification of the signal from a recombinant target is desired, a biotinylated anti-epitope tag antibody used in conjunction with PE or APC labeled streptavidin can often help to provide a brighter result. Columbia Biosciences also provides researchers with labeled isotype control reagents that can help to accurately determine true positive staining from non-specific background.

The Luminex multi-analyte system works on a similar flow cytometry-based instrument platform, but rather than analyzing a population of cells, it uses individually coded populations of labeled microspheres to provide a way for users to perform multiplexed immuno- and oligonucleotide detection assays in a 96 well microplate format. These assays typically use a PE labeled streptavidin or antibody conjugate as the final detection reagent and Columbia Biosciences provides several of these conjugates which can be plugged seamlessly into the end user’s system.

Along with our listing of stock reagents, Columbia Biosciences also works individually with researchers to custom label antibodies and other biomolecules to allow users to customize their assays to fit their specific flow cytometry needs and goals. If you have a reagent in mind that you don’t see listed, please give us a call and let us tell you how Columbia Biosciences can help you to solve your detection reagent needs.


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