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With the inclusion of a new set of conjugates containing the popular Dylight series of fluorophores, Columbia Biosciences can now offer researchers a set of tools that can be conveniently used in most fluorescent microscopy applications. Immunofluorescence microscopy allows users to not only detect the presence of a cellular target, but also to visualize the specific location of that molecule and describe its interaction with other biomolecules nearby. Our selection of fluorescently labeled anti-epitope tag antibodies allows for direct detection of recombinantly expressed proteins, and our labeled secondary anti-species antibodies can detect unlabeled primary antibodies from mouse, rabbit, llama, chicken, and human sources. Many of these antibodies are also available in a biotinylated form as well that can be used with streptavidin conjugates.

Along with our listing of stock reagents, Columbia Biosciences also works individually with researchers to custom label antibodies and other biomolecules to allow users to customize their assays to fit their specific fluorescence microscopy needs and goals. If you have a reagent in mind that you don’t see listed, please give us a call and let us tell you how Columbia Biosciences can help you to solve your detection reagent needs.


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