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SureLight® Peridinin Chlorophyll (PerCP) 



Applications for Peridinin Chlorophyll Protein Complex

Peridinin Chlorophyll (PerCP) is commonly used in immunoassays such as FACS and flow cytometry.

Structural Characteristics

Peridinin is a light-harvesting pigment associated with chlorophyll and found in the peridinin chlorophyll binding protein (PerCP); a light harvesting protein found in dinoflagellates. The PerCP complex has a high ratio of peridinin to chlorophyll; most light-harvesting complexes contain more chlorophyll than carotenoids, but the PerCP contains eight peridinin and two chlorophyll molecules arranged to promote peridinin-chlorophyll energy transfer. The PerCP complex is a trimer with a molecular weight of 35kDa.

Spectral Characteristics Specifications
Absorption maximum 483 nm   A483/A280 ≥ 4.6
Emission maximum 676 nm   Absorbance max. 483 ± 1 nm
Extinction Coefficient (ε) 1.96 x 106 M-1cm-1   Emission max. 676 ± 1 nm
  >95% single peak by HPLC

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excitation emission

Absorbance and emission spectra of Peridinin- Chlorophyll Protein Complex (PerCP) in 10 mm Sodium Phosphate (pH 7.4). Emission scan was taken with an excitation at 488nm.


SEC-HPLC Comparsion between Columbia’s PerCP (red) and Competitor (blue). Columbia’s PerCP has a single peak while the competitor shows other secondary peaks of both larger and smaller molecular weight.

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