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Applications for B-Phycoerythrin

Because of its high quantum yield, B-PE is considered the world’s brightest fluorophore. It is compatible with commonly available lasers and gives exceptional results in flow cytometry, Luminex® and immunofluorescent staining. B-PE is also less “stickyâ€? than common synthetic fluorophores and therefore gives less background interference.

Structural Characteristics

B-phycoerythrin (B-PE) is produced by certain red algae such as Rhodella sp. The specific spectral characteristics are a result of the composition of its subunits. B-PE is composed of at least three subunits and sometimes more. The chromophore distribution is as follows: α subunit with 2 phycoerythrobilins (PEB), β subunit with 3 PEB, and the γ subunit with 2 PEB and 2 phycourobilins (PUB). The quaternary structure is reported as (αβ)6γ. The molecular weight of B-PE is approximately 240,000 Daltons.

Spectral Characteristics

Absorption maximum 545 nm
Additional Absorption peak 563.5 nm
Emission maximum 572 nm
Extinction Coefficient (ε) 2.41 x 106 M-1cm-1
Quantum Yield (QY) 0.98
Brightness (ε x QY) 2.36 x 106 M-1cm-1


A545/A280 ≥ 5.5
A620/A546 ≤ 0.01


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