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SureLight® APC 


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Isolated allophycocyanin dissociates when in diluted solutions or when it is exposed to chaotropic salts, therefore APC is usually cross-linked such that it is stable for use in biological assay formats. Columbia Biosciences uses a proprietary, non-destructive cross-linking process that increases the thermal stability while maintaining fluorescent and spectral integrity of the native dye.

Spectral Characteristics

Absorption maximum 652 nm
Additional absorption peak 625 nm
Emission maximum 657.5 nm
Extinction Coefficient (ε) 2.4 x 105 M-1cm-1
Quantum Yield (QY) 0.68
Brightness (ε x QY) 1.6 x 105 M-1cm-1


A650/A280 ≥ 4.5
A650/A620 ≥ 1.25
Cross-link Ratio ≥ 1.0
Cross-link ratio is a measure of A650/A620 by diluting 0.1 mg SureLight® APC into 1 ml 50 mM Tris-HCl, 1 M sodium perchlorate, pH 7.0

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