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Columbia Biosciences develops and manufactures fluorescent proteins, antibody conjugates and novel protein purification ligands. Phycobiliproteins and Chlorophyll Binding Proteins such as Allophycocyanin (APC), Phycoerythrin (PE) and Peridinin Chlorophyll (PerCP) are some of the fluorophores which Columbia offers for sale as conjugates and native dyes.

Our expertise lies in the ability to fully integrate the processes of microalgal culture, isolation and purification of algal fluorophores and their conjugation to antibodies. Many manufacturers harvest algae from the ocean or ponds, which can be subject to variability due to factors such as weather and shipping conditions. Columbia Biosciences cultures its own proprietary strains under controlled conditions in our facility so we can ensure product integrity, reproducibility and uninterrupted supply at competitive prices. We also can modify these algal proteins with DyLight® and CyDye™ fluorophores to produce tandem dyes that offer different, more red shifted emission spectra.

We offer a wide variety of fluorescently labeled streptavidin and anti-epitope tag antibody conjugates using DyLight®, PE, APC, PerCp and associated tandem dyes. These products are well suited for use in various fluorescent applications including TR-FRET based High Throughput Screening assays (HTS), Flow Cytometry and Fluorescent Microscopy.

In addition to our line of conjugates we also offer custom labeling and protein purification services. Our scientists have many years of experience manufacturing fluorescent conjugates and purifying proteins. We offer conjugation services to PE, APC, PerCP, FITC, Texas Red, DyLight® dyes, CyDye™, biotin, streptavidin, alkaline phosphatase (AP), horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and other biomolecules. Columbia’s contract protein purification lab can work with customers to purify, label and lyophilize proteins on a custom research basis.

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